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Massy Center is blooming once again

As the spring showers draw to an end, the flowers are blossoming again, brightening up and accentuating the beauty of the city of Toronto. In East York, the landscape is no different, and at the corner of Broadview Ave. and Mortimer Ave., another flower is blooming - Angular Condos by Daffodil Developments.

The empty site, which is set to be home to a 7-storey mixed-use condominium building boasting unique features and the latest in smart technology, has already given the intersection a fresh, new look, simply with the signage placed around the site. “Excuse Our Appearance. A New Statement Is Shaping” reads one of the brightly coloured white panels, humbly downplaying the pleasantly eye-catching design.

Angular Condos is Daffodil Developments’s one of the first condominium project in the East York neighbourhood, and as part of their overall philosophy of striving to improve the lives and quality of living of every resident in the neighbourhoods in which they build, they have begun planting the seeds of neighbourly love within the community, having had a Free Food table placed outside of their site for several months, which was restocked regularly for members of the community to leave what they can and collect what they need.

Daffodil Developments began reaching out to community members and organizations directly, most recently working with Massey Women’s Centre, located across the street from Angular Condos.

Massey Centre has been an important part of the Broadview community, with its roots in the area dating back to over 75 years ago, when the then Fred Victor Home moved to 1102 Broadview Ave. (steps away from 1001 Broadview Ave. where Angular Condos is located). It was later officially incorporated and changed to the Massey Centre in 1982 and they have been serving to help pregnant and parenting adolescent mothers aged 13-25, providing them with living space and the support and systems to aid in their parenting, pre and post-natal care, education and skills development.

Daffodil Developments is arranging free food table for the Massey Centre, to provide residents, members and visitors with non-perishable food and hygiene items, which was restocked and warmly accepted by Massey Centre.

The team also delivered a hot dinner for the residents from a favourite local restaurant of theirs, and are planning for a charity Gala Event in the near future, from which proceeds would be donated to Massey Centre.

Further to adding to the beauty of the area, the Daffodil Developments team is actively involving themselves within the community, and working to devote their resources to helping residents - not only of its own building, but of all the residents and members of the surrounding neighbourhood as well.

Angular Condos is already becoming a presence in the neighbourhood, and the work of Daffodil Developments is helping to make sure it is one that is welcomed and beloved.

Purchase inquiries are available to be made through the website directly at, though no specific dates have yet been provided for when sales will officially launch.

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